Is there a difference between dry skin and dehydration? This can be confusing for many people. Your skin feels itchy, dry and tight, but what causes it? And what dry skin remedies can you use to prevent it?

Oil vs Water

The biggest difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin is that dry skin is a skin type, while dehydration is just a condition. People with an actual “dry” skin type lack the necessary oil production in their skin. Those with dehydrated skin are not actually dry, but are just dehydrated from a lack of water (consumption and humidity)! Those with dehydrated skin typically have an oilier skin type as well, which can make it difficult to treat their acne and their dry skin at the same time.

Dry Skin Characteristics

"Dry" Skin Type
  • Lack of oil in skin
  • Natural condition from birth
  • Typically have chronically dry skin
  • Feel dry all over body
  • Need moisture year-round
  • Feels only dry
  • Little to no acne

Dehydrated Skin Characteristics

Common Skin Condition
  • Lack of water in skin
  • Affects anyone, caused by environment
  • Dryness appears suddenly
  • Feel oily in some areas & dry in others
  • Need moisture seasonally
  • Feels dry & oily at the same time
  • Can have mild to even severe acne

So, What Are Some Dry Skin Remedies?

Both skin types benefit from some lifestyle changes such as using a humidifier at night and drinking plenty of water. They cannot, however, be remedied with the same products. Dry skin remedies differ depending on the condition of your skin. Dry skin types need heavier moisturizers and typically do not have to be as concerned with oily products since they are not prone to breakouts. Dehydrated skin needs moisture as well, but in the form of lighter, hyaluronic acid serums which will provide the moisture the skin needs without clogging pores and causing breakouts.

Dry Skin Type Remedies

  • Heavier creams
  • Lipids (help the skin’s barrier functions)
  • Emollients (coats or covers the skin)
  • Butters and Oils (to supplement oils and moisture)

Dehydration Remedies

  • Lightweight serums
  • Hyaluronic Acid (binds water in the skin)
  • Glycerin (draws water from the air)
  • Alpha-hydroxy acids (smooths & keep pores clear)

What did you find?

Did you recognize some of your dry skin symptoms? Do you now know whether you have a dry skin type or if you’re dehydrated? That’s great! Now you can try out some dry skin remedies for your unique skin! If you’re still unsure about whether you have a dry skin type or suffering from dehydration, book a consulation with us. We will do a complete consultation to go beneath your pores and advise you on the best products to use for your skin.

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