Scar Revision Laser Treatments

Revive Laser offers non-surgical scar revision laser treatments, an advanced approach that improves the look of scars without harming the surrounding skin. The Fotona’s powerful laser is excellent at treating scars with very little discomfort and quick healing time between treatments. Compared to other methods of laser scar treatments, Fotona’s Erbium poses less of a risk for dis-pigmentation or scarring as well as shorter recovery times.

While scars can rarely be completely erased, a variety of scars respond very well to this laser treatment. The colouring and overall appearance of the following types of scars can be significantly improved:

> Hypertrophic (raised)

> Atrophic (flat or indented)

> Cesarean scars (childbirth)

> Acne scarring

> Contracture scarring (burn scarring which causes skin tightening and can affect muscles and nerves)

> Wound or surgical scars

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Scarring is treated with a fully customizable 3-4 step laser treatment:


1. FRAC3

The first step uses an ND:Yag laser to reduce swelling and improve the overall volume and pliability of the skin.


The second step uses an Erbium laser to superficially tighten and contract the collagen in the upper layers of the skin.


The third step uses a deep fractional Erbium handpiece that causes controlled thermal columns of damage into the skin’s collagen. This then ignites an immune response to heal the area and induce the rebuilding of the deeper, structural layers of the skin.

4. SupErficial

The fourth step uses an Erbium laser peel, which removes micro-thin layers of skin and can be very precisely used in reshaping and smoothing the scarred tissue.

Additionally: Numbing cream

Numbing cream will be applied to the skin and very little discomfort should be felt during the treatment. Only a warm, slightly sunburnt sensation will continue for a few hours after the treatment.


Not only can these laser treatments help to smooth and soften the scar’s appearance and reduce discoloration of the skin, but it can also help resolve complications with the vascular feeding system to the scarred area.

Several treatments may be required to achieve full results. Healing time will take several days after each treatment and sun exposure, pools, saunas, and exercise should be avoided during this time.


Prices starting from $150.

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