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How does Morpheus8 treat excessive sweating?

Sweating is normal in hot weather or after a strenuous workout. However, some experience excessive sweating even when not working out or in warm weather, which can negatively affect their confidence. If you’re looking for a sweating treatment here in Calgary, the Morpheus8 may be your answer!

If you struggle with excessive sweating that cannot be managed with typical antiperspirants, Morpheus8 here at our Calgary office may be an option. It has been FDA approved to treat excessive sweating. The Morpheus8 is a great alternative to botox for hyperhidrosis.

Morpheus8 is a treatment that combines ultra-deep (more than any other micro-needling devices) micro needling with radio frequency (heat) to create columns in the skin, which are then healed by the body’s immune system. The heat disables the sweat glands, which sit at a certain depth in the skin.

The needles are heated with radio frequency which cauterizes the skin as it treats, so because of the low risk for infection post-treatment, there is little to no downtime with this treatment.

Morpheus8 micro needling can be used in the underarms, hands, or anywhere there is excessive sweating. The radiofrequency (RF) energy helps to desensitize (prevent) the sweat glands from producing sweat and thereby reducing the amount of sweating. The treatment can often be permanent, and the benefits will be seen a few weeks after the session, with full results after a few months.

Those with severe hyperhidrosis may need 2-3 sessions (at approx. 6-8 week intervals) to disable enough of the sweat production. Aftercare will be similar to the above; however, a shirt should be worn to protect the skin from the sun until fully healed.

Use only natural deodorants for 1-2 weeks to avoid skin reactions to chemicals.

Strenuous activity that causes sweating or tight clothing should be avoided for 24-48 hours until the sensitive skin is fully healed.

Combine Morpheus8 at our Calgary office with laser hair removal treatments for even better results!

Laser Hair Removal treatments are FREE with each Morpheus8 hyperhidrosis treatment in the underarms.

Compare different options for excessive sweating:



  • Extremely effective
  • Can be used anywhere on the body
  • Sometimes reduces hair (also combine with a free laser hair removal treatment!)
  • Up to 80% permanent reduction in sweating
  • Affordable ($450 per treatment, includes free laser hair removal session)


  • Temporary swelling, Soreness, bruising
  • Uncomfortable treatment




  • Topical, easy application
  • Inexpensive


  • Not always effective
  • High Aluminum Chloride content which may carry health risks
  • Often causes irritation and sensitivity
  • Must be applied daily to be effective



  • Extremely effective
  • Results visible 2-3 weeks after treatment
  • Nearly 100% reduction in sweating for 3-4 months


  • Expensive (Approx. $2400 each treatment if not covered by benefits. If covered, approx $250 injection fee every 4 months)
  • Not permanent, must be repeated every few months
  • Uncomfortable treatment
  • Temporary swelling, bruising and soreness after each treatment



  •  Very effective
  •  Up to 80% permanent reduction in sweating


  •  Expensive (approx. $3,000 for package of required sessions)
  •  Uncomfortable treatment
  •  Temporary selling and soreness after treatment
  •  Can only be used for underarms
  •  Possible numbness after treatments

Package of 4 TREATMENTS: $2,000

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