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Do you have tiny, hard white bumps around your eyes, or even on your eyelids that just won’t go away? They are most likely called Milia and are very common and harmless. 

Milia are small pockets of dead skin cells that have formed at the surface of the skin in non-oily areas of the face, like around the eyes. Unlike some other bumps that are composed of oil (sebum), Milia do not have an opening or a pore. This can make them much more difficult to remove at home. You have probably succumbed to frustration at some point and tried to pick at them before…. with no luck and an angry red spot that lasted for days?

The good news is you don’t have to keep them forever. They can be removed by a professional with a laser or with a small, heated needle. The treatments are quick, comfortable and fairly inexpensive. 

Afterwards, you can help keep them away with regular exfoliation and skin care products containing acids or retinol.  

Regular Microdermabrasion treatments (using a vacuum with a rough, diamond tipped edge) can also be very helpful as it exfoliated the surface layer of dead skin. 

Avoid oily and heavy skin care products as well if possible, this can help prevent the pores from getting clogged and new milia from forming. Heavy foundations and concealer may also contribute to the milia, we suggest trying a mineral pressed powder or lighter weight, mineral-based concealer to help keep the clogged skin cells from forming. 

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