The TRUTH about Laser Hair Removal.

Why it didn’t work for you in the past and what the other clinics DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW!


Have you already paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars towards hair removal to have everything grow back? 

Or did you purchase one of those “At Home” Hair Removal devices only to realize you’ve wasted your money?

Are you skeptical that laser hair removal actually works?

Or maybe it worked, but it hurt like all hell and you can’t bear the thought of continuing your treatments.

Sound like anyone you know?

We hear these concerns on a regular basis in our consultations and would like to explain a few reasons why this may have happened.

Laser Hair Removal is VERY effective if you have a new, well maintained, high-quality LASER.  A laser is very specific in its target, once the pulse is delivered, a concentrated beam of light is aimed at the hair follicle, the pigment in the hair absorbs the heat until the follicle is destroyed.  That is why it is so important to have a new, well-maintained laser, you need the full power of the laser to affect the hair.

With that said, even though you used an actual laser, it may be of poor quality, may have not been maintained properly, or may not have an experienced technician operating it.  All of these factors can be the difference between an effective laser hair removal session…or a big waste of time and money. If you’ve had discount laser treatments before, chances are you are now a firm believer that hair removal doesn’t work. 

To sum it up: The clinics with decent equipment and quality, trained staff cannot afford to sell their treatments at ‘group buys‘ discounts.   

Another factor that could be playing into poor results is hair color.  The laser is attracted to the pigmentation in the hair, the darker and thicker the hair the more heat the follicle will absorb permanently destroying it.  If you have light blond or white/grey hair the lack of pigmentation makes it hard for the laser to absorb into, not giving enough heat to destroy the follicle.

Skin color also matters because laser targets pigment darker skin tones could end up absorbing some of the heat into the skin that is needed to target the hair follicle.  IPL is VERY dangerous to use on darker skin.  It is a superficial heat that the skin will absorb resulting in burns and discolored scars (hyperpigmentation).  Some diode lasers that are very popular for hair removal will also be attracted to the pigment in the skin in darker skin types rather than the hair.  In these circumstances, lower heat is used to prevent burns which is usually not enough to permanently destroy hair follicles. Unlike other machines, the deep-reaching Fotona ND:Yag laser can safely and effectively treat EVERY skin type. 

Best of all, Fotona’s advanced technology makes the hair removal MUCH less painful than other technologies. Don’t believe us? See below…we will prove it for FREE!

We know it can be scary to get laser hair removal, that is why at Revive we are showing our clients how amazing we are by allowing clients to see how great this machine is before they purchase a treatment:

Now accepting applications for “FREE one spot laser hair removal treatment”


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Applications Close April 30, 2019.

Spots are limited (Max 12).

Approved applicants will be sent a voucher by text to bring into the clinic. No fee to apply. If you are approved and change your mind you are not obligated. The application is totally no strings attached!

What’s included?

Accepted applicants are eligible to receive a FREE ONE SPOT TREATMENT

  1. Small area of your choice for laser hair removal test
  2. Expert Consultation where you ask and find out how the treatment works and what to expect
  3. Online support including articles and videos further explaining the treatment 
  4. Follow up support via phone, email or text

Apply Now By filling out the Application form.

Applications Close on April 30, 2019.

P.S. – if you’re skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was… for free come check out our painless laser hair removal treatment (Limited spots 12). Click the button and fill out your information and you will get texted a voucher for your free treatment.

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