laser hair removal for men Calgary

We get asked by most of our male clients: “Do lots of other guys come in here?” Seems they always assume they are the only guys to be setting foot in an aesthetics clinic. The answer is: Absolutely

Our technology is the newest on the market. Fast, comfortable and very effective.

Here are some of our popular treatments for men:

  • Back of neck
  • Front of neck
  • Full back*
  • Collarbone
  • Arms
  • Chest*
  • Abdomen* 

*These can also be thinned out if desired


Fitness or Body Building Competitions:

Laser Hair removal is also great for those guys who are getting ready for fitness competitions.  You will have a much cleaner look than shaving and trust us, waxing hurts 10 times more than our laser!

Getting a tattoo:

We also highly recommend getting laser hair removal BEFORE you go get a tattoo. Laser Hair removal cannot be done on top of a tattoo, so call us 6-8 months before you book in with your tattoo artist!

Going Grey:

Make sure to do Laser Hair Removal BEFORE the hair turns grey, as the laser can’t remove grey or white hair. Get on it while you still can!


Men need good skincare too. Who wants large pores, a greasy forehead and acne?

We offer a lot of options for skin care and can help guide you through the seemingly confusing world of putting different potions on your face every day.