Urinary Incontinence Treatments

urinary incontinence chair in calgary

BTL Exion Emfemme 360 and BTL Emsella Chair COMBINED

Do you avoid doing things you love like running and cycling because you are worried about incontinence? Is it causing you anxiety and taking control of how you live your life?
There is an easier solution that doesn’t involve surgery, endless kegels, pads or strange tampons.
2 in 1 Urinary Incontinence and Vaginal Tightening Treatment in Calgary, AB: The Power of BTL Exion Emfemme 360 and BTL Emsella Chair COMBINED
Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is when a small amount of urine escapes when the body performs physical activities like sneezing, jumping or running. It has an immense impact on social lives and negatively affects millions of women as well as men.


Emsella Chair

Urinary incontinence is a common and often embarrassing condition that affects many individuals, particularly women, in Calgary, AB.  Most women (and men) with urinary incontinence continue to suffer silently without seeking any help.

Up to 50% of adult females can struggle with incontinence to a certain extent at some point in their lives!

Fortunately, there are groundbreaking solutions that combine two cutting-edge technologies to provide effective and non-invasive treatment: Emsella Chair, and Exion Emfemme 360.

All of the non-invasive treatments available today are individually approximately 70% effective.

Combining 2 easy, non-invasive treatments increases your chances of success substantially!

This powerful duo is redefining the approach to urinary incontinence, offering hope and confidence to those seeking a life free from the constraints of this condition. Internal RadioFrequency stimulates collagen and elastin production inside the vaginal walls, then Emsella strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, including muscles that are independent of our brain function.

The combination of the 2 best available non-invasive treatments greatly increases the chances of patient success in treating Urinary Incontinence! With the addition of Physiotherapy to learn at-home exercises, patients can often enjoy their results for years, if not decades.


Urinary incontinence is characterized by the involuntary leakage of urine, which can significantly impact one’s quality of life. It may result from various factors, including childbirth, aging, hormonal changes, and pelvic floor weakness. Traditional treatments often involve medications or invasive surgical procedures, but the combined approach of the Emsella Chair, and Exion Enfemme 360 internal treatment provide a non-surgical, holistic solution.

The 2-in-1 Approach:     

Exion Emfemme 360 RadioFrequency

How it Works: Exion Enfemme 360 is an internal treatment with an innovative device that uses radiofrequency to heat the vaginal canal and outer labia area.  It heats the vaginal canal to 45°C in a 360-degree motion throughout the treatment, triggering the immune process to repair the tissue to strengthen. It increases collagen, elastin, vaginal wall tissue thickness, improves blood flow to the area as well as strengthens muscles.

How it feels: This treatment is quite comfortable and involves a warm sensation in the vaginal canal and the exterior vaginal area

Treatment time: 10-15 minutes

Benefits: Improved blood circulation, enhanced collagen production, and overall pelvic area rejuvenation, strengthened vaginal canal, enhanced sexual satisfaction, decreased vaginal dryness.

Studies performed show that the vaginal wall tissue increased thickness by an average of 1.66mm (32%)

Vaginal pH decreased from 6.6 to a healthy level of 4.1 after the last treatment

The presence of Inflammatory cells (leucocytes) decreased from 35 % to 0 %

55.6% of women reported becoming completely leak-free at the 1-month follow- up

At the 1-month follow-up visit, 88.9% expressed their condition’s interference with everyday life decreased and 62.9% said the condition did not interfere with their everyday life at all as a result of the treatments

93% of the patients “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that their gratification during intercourse improved

This treatment can also be performed on the inner and outer labia to tighten, plump and strengthen the area and provide a more youthful appearance.

Who cannot receive this treatment: Anyone who is pregnant (or actively trying), nursing, has a pacemaker, impaired immune system or difficulty healing, active bacterial or viral infections, acute inflammation, metal implants in the abdomen area, copper IUD, active menstruation, cancer, heart problems, or has not received a healthy PAP test within the past two years.

It is advisable that anyone who has a significant health concern or is generally unwell not receive this treatment.

Anyone prone to (or with a history of) infections of the vaginal canal or urinary tract should be aware that if an active infection were present, the heat may worsen the infection. To prevent this possibility, it is required to receive an exam from your Family Physician within one week of the treatment if you have had past infections.

Anyone with a history of abnormal PAP tests should receive an internal exam from their Family Physician within one week of the treatment.

Safety of treatment: There are many peer-reviewed, published medical studies showing the safety and efficacy of this vaginal radiofrequency treatment. Copies of these studies can be obtained by contacting Revive Laser! This treatment is Health Canada and FDA approved.

Risks and side effects: Providing that all clients do not have any of the contraindications, the only associated risks of the treatment involve the risk of mild burns to the area. These risks are highly mitigated by careful and trained technicians at Revive Laser, along with safety measures built into the system, which stop the treatment when internal tissue temperatures are reading too high. These risks are very low.

These treatments can be paid in monthly payments through financing by Beautifi!

Advantages of Financing:

Start your treatments right away and create a payment schedule that works best for you!

Much lower interest rates than most credit cards

Totally flexible terms and no repayment penalties

Exceptional customer service (a real person answers the phone!)

Quick and easy online pre-approvals

How Long Do Results Last?

As we continue to age, the collagen and elastin in the tissue will slowly degrade and weaken, just like with any other area of the body. Muscles also need to be maintained. Otherwise, they will slowly lose strength.

Touch-up treatments may be required for some clients who are post-menopausal or had more moderate to severe stress incontinence. The frequency of touch-up treatments will depend on many factors, such as age, genetics, and lifestyle.


Normal/healthy PAP smear within the past 24 months

Cannot be pregnant or nursing at the time of treatments

No ACCUTANE or Oral isotretinoin use within the past 6+ months as it can impact healing after the treatments

No anticoagulant prescriptions (Coumadin, Warin, Xaralto, etc.) or sun-sensitive medications

Recent exam to ensure that there are no physical concerns in the vaginal canal or exterior perineal region is recommended

Not a heavy smoker and do not consume high amounts of alcoholic beverages (decreased vascularity and increased histamines limit the body’s ability to heal)

No menstrual bleeding at the time of the internal Enfemme treatments

BMI of under 35 is optimal for best results

No history of atypical or cancerous moles

No urinary tract infections, bacterial or viral infections at the time of the treatments such as Bacterial Vaginosis, Thrush, Urinary Tract Infections, Warts, Herpes or STD’s or STI’s (Those prone to infections or have a history of infection should receive an exam from their Family Physician prior to treatment)

No Uncontrolled diabetes. The internal treatment is not recommended for diabetics.

Treatment shows less efficacy for pure urge incontinence/ overactive bladder/ bladder overcapacity/ spastic bladder/ bladder stones/severe prolapse


These surgeries are performed by a surgeon, using general anesthesia. A supportive structure (either mesh or human tissue), is placed beneath the urethra (the conduit for urine passage). This sling functions like a hammock, elevating and providing support to both the urethra and the bladder neck (the juncture connecting the bladder to the urethra) to lessen urinary leakage. There are different types, the most common method is the Mid-urethral sling surgery is the most common. A thin strip of mesh is used to make the sling, and your surgeon will put it under your urethra in one of three ways.

Generally high, but risks and complications should be considered.

Decently high rate of efficacy
Permanent solution for some patients

Invasive surgery with potential complications such as:

Risks of increased urgency or urine retention

Risks of Infection

Risks of bruising (hematoma) Risks of bleeding during the operation Risks of injury to your urethra or nearby organs

Risks of migration of the mesh tape into the bladder, vagina or urethra

Requires general anesthesia and associated risks

Recovery time required at home

Cannot resume most normal activities for 2 weeks Refrain from driving for 2 weeks and from sexual intercourse or strenuous activities for 6 weeks, or lift anything heavy for several weeks.

Surgery cost is typically covered by Alberta Health Services


A trained physiotherapist teaches tailored exercises to help strengthen muscles.

Addresses underlying muscle issues

Requires patient compliance
Requires commitment to regular sessions
Results may take time

Approx. 6-9 one-hour sessions over 6-18 weeks

Approx. 50-70% depending on severity and patient compliance to practicing exercises at home

$75-$85 per hour

Excellent compliment to Enfemme and Emsella for Incontinence 


When some urine leaks if you jump, cough, or sneeze, you may have stress incontinence. Anything that increases abdominal pressure can also put pressure on the bladder.
Many experts think that women who’ve given birth vaginally are more likely to deal with stress incontinence. This is because childbirth can stretch and possibly harm the muscles and nerves in the pelvic floor. Basically, if the baby is bigger, labor takes longer, the mom is older, or there have been more births, the chances of experiencing incontinence will go up. This type of incontinence typically responds best to the laser treatments.


If you find yourself really needing to pee even when your bladder isn’t full, it might be due to overactive bladder, also known as urge incontinence. This can happen to both men and women and involves a sudden and intense urge to pee, often leading to unintentional leakage before you make it to a bathroom. Even if you manage to avoid any accidents, the constant urgency and frequent bathroom trips can mess with your work and social life. This urgency kicks in when the bladder muscle (called the detrusor) starts contracting and sends out signals that it’s time to pee, even if your bladder isn’t packed to the brim. This is more common in post-menopausal or older women. This type of issue is more difficult to treat and is less likely to respond to laser treatments, although some clients do still see an improvement.


If you have symptoms of stress incontinence as well as overactive bladder then this is typically mixed incontinence. Most women with incontinence have both stress and urge symptoms which is more challenging and may be less likely to respond as well to the different options for treatment.


Some patients note mild swelling, redness 1-2 days

Mild spotting or an increase in vaginal secretions is possible (1-2 days)

Mild discomfort similar to mild menstrual cramps during or after treatment is possible (1-2 days)

Abstain from sexual intercourse for 1 week after internal treatment

Refrain from using tampons for 1 week

Avoid activities that increase pressure on the bladder and treatment area for one week. Ie. heavy lifting, jumping, or strenuous activity/workouts

Avoid Hot tubs, Baths and swimming for 1 week

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