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Mommy Tummy Tightening

After pregnancy, many women find themselves left with what we like to call “mommy tummy,” in other words, the side effects of the growth during pregnancy. As the skin stretches during pregnancy (or with any weight gain and loss), the skin can be left with a lot of laxity and stretch marks. Revive Laser’s abdomen (or Mommy Tummy) treatment combines the skin tightening and fat cell reduction capabilities of TightSculpting. The multi-layer stretch mark treatments improve the overall appearance of stretch marks, stubborn fat pockets, and skin laxity, all together!

This belly treatment for moms is perfect for mothers who have a combination of loose, saggy skin, stretch marks, and even cesarean scars, or anyone who wants to improve the smoothness and firmness of their skin, along with stretch marks.


There are several layers of treatments that can specifically customized to each client’s individual needs. This offers super results compared to other treatments and lasers, which can only treat one layer of skin, to one depth. Fotona can treat all layers of skin for tightening, as well as adress some of the stubborn pockets of excess fat cells.



Treats the deepest (subcutaneous) skin layer, as well as fat cells. This step is a non-invasive, painless technique with a long-pulse ND:YAG laser that is used to safely heat the deep layers of the skin. The laser passes safely through the outer layers of the skin, targeting deeper skin tissues and the fat layer. It uses photothermal heating to stimulate fat cell breakdown, tightening of connective tissues, and the production of new collagen, giving an overall tightening effect. The treatment can also be performed for a longer period to maintain heat in the fat cells to the point of cell death. The treatment is great for all skin types and skin tones.


2. FRAC3

This step treats the middle (dermis) layer of the skin and also uses an ND:YAG laser, but uses shorter pulses to create deep thermal columns in a fractional pattern in the top and middle layers (epidermis and dermis) of the skin. These columns leave healthy tissue in between, which act as “healing centres” to repair the damage caused by the laser, resulting in firmer, smoother, more pliable skin.


3. Smooth Mode

This step treats the top layer (epidermis) and uses an erbium laser to superficially tighten (“shrink-wrap”) and contract the collagen in the upper layers of skin.



This step uses a deep fractional erbium handpiece which causes controlled thermal columns of damage into the skin’s collagen. This then ignites an immune response to heal the area and induce the rebuilding of the deeper, structural layers of the skin.



The final step uses an erbium laser peel, which removes micro-thin layers of skin for smoothing the stretched tissue and giving an overall polished look to the skin.


Prices start at $650.

Packages of 6, (no downtime) TightSculpting/Skin Tightening treatments (performed approx. 10 days apart) and 3 Stretch Mark treatments (downtime) (performed 6 weeks apart) are advised for best results.

Some treatments will involve 2-4 days of downtime.

Special package pricing is available.

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