5 Simple Ways To Prevent Sun Damage

by | Jul 6, 2017

Avoiding the sun is not something we want to do this time of year! It’s very important to know how to prevent skin damage, here are some tips to keeping your skin happy and healthy this summer!

Tip 1:

Get in the habit of applying sunscreen daily.  Most sun damage is cause by incidental sun exposure, meaning it happens during your regular activities throughout the day.  Walking to your car, driving to and from work or watching your kids soccer game.  Apply at least a SPF 30 with your regular morning routine and a touch up every 4 hours if youre seeing the sun.  Keeping a SPF mineral brush in your purse or car will help with unexpected sun exposure. 

Tip 2:

SPF those lips!  We sunscreen our faces but forget to apply to our thin skin lips.  Sun damage will cause fine lines and wrinkles around our mouths making us age that much faster.  Find an SPF 30 lip balm will moisturize and protect all in one! Remember to reapply when you’re seeing the sun!

Tip 3:

SPF Clothing: Are you prone to burning your chest and shoulders?  Try wearing a SPF shirt when youre planning on spending long summer days in the sun!  It will protect you against sun burns causing permanent cell damage, avoid pigmentation spots (age spots) and premature wrinkling of your chest!  These are also perfect for protecting your little ones while they make their sandcastles at the beach!

Tip 4:

One of the most noticeable areas to show age is our eyes!  Putting sunscreen too close to the eye can sting, however there are sunscreens that are specifically formulated for the sensitive eye area that you can use under and above the lid.  If you combine the SPF with the use of some stylish sunglasses it will prevent those sunspots and crow’s feet from creeping in!

Tip 5:

Our last tip is to wear a hat!  The bigger the brim, the more protection and the cuter you will look sporting it!  Keeping those rays from directly hitting your skin will protect you from permanent cell damage while also reducing the risk of skin cancer.

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