Dry, Winter Skin!

by | Jan 16, 2019

Keep Your Skin Moisturized During Winter

Old man winter is defiantly not kind to our skin. Many of us experience redness, itching or cracking due to low humidity. Keeping our skin moisturized during the winter months is a real struggle. 

Use these tips to help keep your skin healthy and glowing; no matter what mother nature throws our way.


About the Face

Hopefully, you are already following a healthy skin care regime, using a trusted line of products from companies such as SkinCeuticals or ZO Medical. Continue as instructed with your morning and evening routine for your face, but upping your moisturizer game may be required.  If you feel the facial moisturizer you used all summer just isn’t pulling its weight during the winter, try SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2. Not only is it an anti-aging cream it also nourished dry skin. It’s creamy, thick (not at all greasy) and absorbs quickly leaving your skin feeling hydrated and soft. In addition to topical moisturizer, treatments like IPL Photofacials to treat acne scars and pigmentation issues and Morpheus8 to treat frown and eyebrow lines, are very effective treatments to include in your winter skincare regimen. Also, for effective facial hair removal, we recommend laser hair removal as opposed to waxing treatments. This effectively removes hair without the drying effects of wax on the face. 


Don’t forget our Hands

Frequent hand washing may help fight against germs but wreaks havoc on our skin. Leaving your poor hands dry, red and cracked. Moisturize after washing your hands. Moisturize while watching your favourite show. Moisturize before you go to bed. You get the picture, right? Frequent moisturizing is vital no matter how tedious it sounds. I promise you will get used to it and your hands will thank you.

Look for a non-greasy hand cream that doesn’t have any harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, synthetic dyes, preservative or cocamide.  Here are three ingredients you do want to see in your hand cream; water, vitamins, and lactic acid.



    Don’t wash your hands with hot water. Warm or cool water will do.

    Use a soap-free, non-drying hand cleanser and look for one with added moisturizer.

    Bring a small bottle of lotion wherever you go.

    Wear gloves when you are outside.

    Drink plenty of water – hydrate from the inside out


Inside Your Warm Cozy Home

Most of us spend the bulk of our day indoors during the cold winter months. Staying inside can be just as hard on your skin as going outdoors. Our forced air furnace, while keeping us warm and cozy, actually dries out the air, pulling any moisture left from our skin. If you have a humidifier, use it! 












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