Makeup CAN Be Good For Your Skin!

by | Aug 24, 2017

Most woman won’t leave the house without their makeup on.  It takes years off our age evening out skin tone and smoothing out texture.  Our desire to hide blemishes and scars, reducing redness as well as covering pigmentation spots is a driving force for having a full face every day.  Makeup is used by so many from young to old, so here is the question, does the quality and type of makeup really make that much of a difference to your skin?  Absolutely! There is makeup good for skin, and some makeup that is less so. Nevertheless, here are 5 reasons why you should invest in medical grade cosmetics. 

Natural Ingredients Instead Of Harmful Additives

Pressed powders that are available in Medical Cosmetic Clinics are usually full coverage foundations or pressed powders that are mineral based.  They don’t contain any extra additives that are harmful to your skin like perfumes, parabens, chemicals or dyes that are found in drug store makeup.  Perfumes and dyes have been linked back to allergic reactions causing redness and irritation to the skin.  Chemicals can cause those who are prone to acne a nasty breakout resulting in scaring and pigmentation. Parabens that are added to extend shelf life are known to cause skin cancer.  

Reduce (Un)Noticeable Skin Irritations

Mineral pigments are naturally anti-inflammatory and antibacterial which reduces acne breakouts, and skin irritations keeping the skin clean throughout the day. If you have never used mineral makeup before, you might think that your skin type is oily, or it’s always red. This could actually be false and simply a result of the makeup you are currently using.

Creates A Barrier From Daily Pollutants

Minerals protect the skin from daily pollutants by causing a barrier on the skin. Antioxidants, peptides and vitamins are added to nourish and repair the skin. Remember the blog 5 Reasons To Wash Your Makeup Off Every Night? We spoke about how daily pollutants get into your pores and if they’re not cleansed they can result in breakouts! Mineral makeup helps fight this.

Light & Natural Sun Protection

Medical grade makeup provides a built in physical SPF coverage of zinc and titanium. This eliminates multiple product applications, and saves you from that greasy feeling drug store sunscreens leave behind. Mineral makeup feels light on the skin, and you hit two birds with one stone – sun protection and natural (yet complete) coverage.

Let Your Skin Breathe

Mineral pressed powders and foundations are all breathable, light weight, and are formulated to reflect light making imperfections disappear without giving you a heavy or caked on look. They are easy to apply and reapply as needed! 

Invest In Your Skin

When you look good you feel good. Makeup is part of most women’s daily routine, make it count by investing in products that are going improve your skin, not just cover it! 

At Revive Laser, we carry the ColoreScience line of cosmetics. These products are an amazing line of pure, non-chemical, antioxidant infused mineral sunscreens and makeup. 

At Revive Laser, we carry the ColoreScience line of cosmetics. These products are an amazing line of pure, non-chemical, antioxidant infused mineral sunscreens and makeup. 

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