What are peptides and do I need them?

by | Sep 14, 2018

What are peptides and do I need them for my skin?

If you haven’t heard the buzz about peptides in skincare products, and how they can help with wrinkles and skin tightening, you need to keep reading. Peptides research is interesting, relatively new and on-going. The facts are, the benefits of peptides for your skin are remarkable.

What exactly are peptides? 

They are a compound of two or more amino acids. Amino acids are in many of our cells, muscles and tissue and are involved in many important bodily functions. They give cells their structure as well as store and transport nutrients. Amino acids are essential for healing wounds and repairing skin tissue. Simply put, peptides are small proteins. As we get older our skin starts to break down; the result is a loss of firmness, wrinkles, and changes in texture and color. Research has shown that different peptides work in specific ways to target the needs of your skin. And the most fascinating information on peptides is that they can send signals to our cells and teach the skin to do what’s required, like help revive aging skin. Studies show it can reverse the signs of aging, making it appear more supple and help improve skin color! It’s a superfood for your skin!

Do peptides work for wrinkles and skin tightening?

Collagen is one of your skins most essential proteins; it gives our skin its thickness. Due to aging, UV rays, stress, and environmental factors, collagen breaks down which causes thinner skin, wrinkles & expression lines. When you apply peptides in a skin care product, they send a signal to your body to produce new collagen. Peptides not only initiate production of collagen, but studies have shown they also strengthen keratin and elastin which are other vital proteins in your skin. Peptides have proven to benefit age-related skin issues and can make a visible difference. Research is advancing and has shown peptides are truly a fascinating & important ingredient in skin care products.  In addition to Peptides, Morpheus8 microneedling and IPL Photofacials are beneficial for reducing the effects of aging like frown and neck lines and reducing the effects of harmful UV rays causing sun/age spots. 

To get the most out of your skincare routine, in addition to including Peptides, consider laser hair removal in place of waxing to preserve your skin’s integrity and get the most of your skincare routine. 

Written by Cammy Ollett

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