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There are so many laser clinics out there now, how do you know which one to choose? Besides looking for caring, experienced laser technicians and a clean clinic, it is important to choose the right technology as well which is why we use the Fotona Laser. 

Older equipment may not be as powerful and if it has not been properly maintained, the treatments may not be completely safe and also may not provide the results you are looking for. 

Fotona Laser Is One Of The First

Fotona is one of the world’s first laser manufacturers, they started building laser equipment in 1964, only 4 years after the invention of the very first laser. 

Their decades of experience make them one of the world’s leading authorities of laser technology, creating high-performance, durable and reliable machines. 

They are continually leading the industry with new ideas and innovations in medical, aesthetic and dentistry laser treatments. 

Our Fotona SP Dynamis combines 2 different lasers in one, which gives us the ability to completely customize deep and superficial treatments for each client’s specific needs. Fotona’s powerful and precise lasers also provide better results, safer treatments and less downtime for our clients.

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